Spotlight on...People

In this month's 'Spotlight on...' series our focus is people. Read on for support and advice covering mental health, wellness and stress management, community spirit and engagement, and staff hygiene and safety. The food & drink manufacturing industry revolves around people, and we want to support you in ensuring your staff are happy, healthy, and informed.

  • Does your cleaning chemical kill the COVID-19 virus?

    Companies want to be sure that their cleaning inactivates the virus that causes COVID-19. As you might imagine, testing whether a particular cleaning chemical or sanitiser inactivates the virus is a challenge.
  • Understanding the effects of COVID19 on food & drink

    Virology section manager at Campden BRI, Martin D'Agostino MRSB answers some of the key questions the food and drink industry has over the coronavirus pandemic including food safety, reducing risk of transferring the virus, food and packaging handling, in-store hygiene during lock-down and how to reassure your customers with the right precautions and knowledge.
  • How to manage and reduce stress

    In light of COVID-19 and lockdown, The Mental Health Foundation Here have outlined simple steps to help people when they're feeling stressed and practical advice to help people prevent stress building up, all to help the nation manage their mental health during these testing times.
  • Brakes joins forces with Bidfood supply vulnerable people with food boxes

    Food wholesalers Brakes and Bidfood have joined forces throughout lockdown to ensure that food supplies reach the country’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis.
  • Marketing in an unstable environment

    As part of the Montgomery Group Series, social media expert Alison Battisby of Avocado Social joined us to provide an encouraging lesson on how to approach your online marketing, with inspiring examples and practical tips on how to shine bright throughout this difficult time.
  • The Top 10 COVID-era shifts in Food & Drink Retail

    As part of the Montgomery Group series, Charles Banks, Co-Founder of thefoodpeople talks about how as an industry we’re adjusting to a COVID-era normal that will be with us for months and years to come, in this session he will explore the biggest shifts in Food & Drink Retail and the likely manifestations.
  • Tips and techniques for supporting your employees during COVID-19

    Your employees will need your support and guidance more than ever before when they return to work after months of staying home. Lindsey Apple-Flynn, mental health expert at Connect 2 Care, has produced a webinar and online resource to provide employers with the tips and insights to support their staff through the necessary adjustments when returning to work.
  • Safety in the face of a pandemic

    New Food’s Editor discovers how some major players in the market are protecting their employees during the COVID-19 crisis and the concerns some have expressed over food supply and safety.